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Please Note - Currently we can only calculate shipping costs in Australia. For those outside of this region, please feel free to contact gabby@thenakedrunners.com

Original Naked Runners Headband:


Our internal research indicates that headbands are performance enhancing. Have fun with this tool that signals to everyone in the vicinity that you are ready to sweat. Now available in white or black (more colours coming...)

Each Naked Runners headband is lovingly hand-crafted using the hair of a rare breed of Corsican mountain goat.
Corsica, of course, being the spiritual home of the headband (see image of Corsican flag)...

*Some of the above facts may need to be verified. 




Terms and Conditions

1. Returns -  If you dont like it, we will give you your money back. This will require you to send the goods back. We will pay for the return of the items upon receieving them.

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3. Privacy -  Your privacy is our priority. We will not use your details for anything, nor pass them on to any third party. 

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