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"It's Only Natural"...or is it?

When you eat breakfast, what are you more likely to fill your bowl with?


Image by lisaclarke

Or these things...?

Image by terren in Virginia

When you run, who is your approach most like?

This guy?

Or this guy?

Image by jimgris

There are a few similarities with Option B in each:

- They both look ridiculous!

- They are far removed from what is accepted as normal or natural.

- Both are the product of remarkable advances in technology.


Don't get me wrong, I benefit from & enjoy a vast number of the conveniences provided by the modern world.

But looking at the pictures above, I can't help but wonder 'Are we taking it a bit too far?'



We live in what has become a very 'processed' world.

Much of our food is now produced in a way that is heavily processed, allows for high volumes, and is done in a hurry.

The end result is that, (particularly in Western diets), much of what now makes it onto our plate, looks & tastes artificial - certainly not the way nature intended.

Artificial additives, colouring, plus ingredients with unusual & really long names are easily spotted on the nutritional labels of many foods.

Jamie Oliver warns us to avoid eating foods with listed ingredients that include words you've never heard of.



Unfortunately running is heading down the same path.

We are finding more and more things to add.

We have come to rely on these artificial additives in running as with food.

The funny thing is, like food, the end result is rarely as good as the natural alternative.

Below is a quote taken from The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver:

Image by Steven Rosenbaum

The idea behind The Naked Chef was to strip food down to its bare essentials - to prove that you didn't need to dress up ingredients or buy a load of fancy gadgets to make something really tasty.

Despite my Nan's worries, it definitely didn't mean that I was cooking in the nude!

Replace a few words here and you soon see how this can be applied to running as well. 


Your mission

For at least one meal this week include only natural foods, nothing processed.

Then for at least one run this week take away the artificial additives and run naked.

Tell us about it on G+, Tw, FB or comment.


Ask yourself:

What is more natural - a bowl of fruit loops or a bowl of fruit?

What is more natural when running - suitable protection & covering for your feet and body, or becoming a mobile multi-media centre like The 'i-Run'.


Check out Jamie's Prize-winning TED Talk. This is a guy whose passion for his movement is undeniable.