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The TEDxNewy Experience

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we recently had the thrill of presenting at TEDxNewy.

The tag-line for the event,

'Ideas Worth Spreading'

...could not have been more spot-on.

For those fortunate enough to have been in the audience at Newcastle's Playhouse Theatre, (or watching via the Livestream), for the region's inaugural live TEDx event, I'm sure you would agree, the ideas offered by the varied, talented & passionate speakers were definitely worthy of distribution!

The theme of the day was 'Shock Of The New'. I found it interesting however that when talking about the 'new', the audience was often left looking to the past (as far back as Ancient Greece & even the time of early humans).

Perhaps the 'shock of the new' is that as the world continues to advance, it is wise to also focus on the 'old'.

The talk Mossy and I gave urged the world to ditch modern running & take up running 'naked'.

We made reference to Harvard Evolutionary Biologist, Professor Daniel Lieberman who is one of the leading voices arguing that humans have evolved as long-distance runners. His TEDx Talk is well worth a look.

I also really like Grant Blakeman's TEDx Talk about striving to live a more simple, minimalist life. A message that we also promote.

Our talk was linked to a number of the common themes of the day:


- a celebration of what is beautiful & good (Bernie Curran's talk on 'kalos kai agathos')

- the importance of community & tribes to optimise wellbeing

- a simpler, stripped-back approach is often better

- observing the world through the eyes of a child

- finding fun & enjoyment in what we do

- respecting & cherishing nature

- taking action locally


One particular line from Jason Vangenderen's talk resonated strongly:

"I threw away my camera and became a film-maker".

I thought of how this could be made relevant to our message and came up with:

"I threw away my shoes/gadgets and became a runner".


By the end of the day I had discovered a renewed appreciation for the universal instrument of peace - the ukelele, as well a new favourite word: 'serendipity' (or happy accidents).

Again, many thanks to Siobhan Curran and all involved in creating a memorable day. It will be great to re-live it all when the videos are made available.

Looking forward to TEDxNewy 2012 already!

Siobhan caught in a Naked Runners sandwichA thrill to meet Ted from Ukestra at TEDx

Post TEDx drinks at The Clarendon with Mossy & Jason van Genderen

Full list of TEDxNewy videos can be found on the TEDx Youtube Channel here.